Russian meteorite said as old as the solar system

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Share this article Share He estimates the explosive yield of the most recent space rock was at to kilotonnes, making it the most powerful event since Tunguska. A naturally-occurring air burst arises from the explosion of incoming meteors, which explode in the air and not on the ground. The term also refers to the detonation of an explosive device such as a nuclear weapon in the air.

RADIOACTIVE CONTAMINATION AT CHELYABINSK, RUSSIA Thomas B. Cochran, Robert Standish Norris, The known facilities at Chelyabinsk are listed in Table 1. There are The area bas a long bistory of munitiOl1s production. dating back 10the time of the czars. PRODUCfION REACTORS Graphite Moderated (for plutonium production; all shut down).

Description[ edit ] HD b is the only known companion orbiting HD , an F-type pre-main-sequence star with about 1. The system is a likely member of the Scorpius—Centaurus Association. The star is surrounded by a luminous, massive debris disk at a much smaller separation than HD b. If its eccentricity is large enough, it might approach the outer edge of the primary’s debris disk closely enough to interact with it at periastron.

In such a case, the outer extent of the debris disk would be truncated at the inner edge of HD b’s Hill sphere at periastron, or at its periastron minus 15 AU for a limit around AU see below. The odds of such a coincidence were found to be less than 0. The initial interest in HD A was directed largely to the debris disk surrounding the star, a pre-main-sequence member of Lower Centaurus Crux. On December 4, , University of Arizona graduate student Vanessa Bailey, leader of an international team of astronomers, detailed the discovery of HD b with a paper first published as a preprint on the arXiv and later as a refereed article in The Astrophysical Journal Letters.

This second companion would need to have a mass greater than that of HD b, and the discovery team found no such object beyond 35 AU from the primary. Additionally, the scattering process would have likely disrupted the protoplanetary disk. The petition had gathered over , signatures. In January , however, it was agreed by the IAU not to accept the petition’s goal to name it Gallifrey, as the petition did not follow the public policy of the IAU that a discussion between the public and IAU should be started before naming any spatial entity, and that this policy was not respected.

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Share this article Share In their long decades of obscurity, the nuclear engineers at Mayak spent their time mainly having nuclear meltdowns and dumping radioactive waste into the river. The watered-down waste was a cocktail of radioactive elements, including long-lived fission products such as Strontium and Cesium —each with a half-life of approximately thirty years. When their facility’s existence was finally acknowledged, the Chelyabinsk region had seen a 21 per cent increase in cancer, a 25 per cent increase in birth defects, and a 41 per cent increase in leukaemia.

The ruins left by an explosion of nuclear waste storage tanks at the Mayak nuclear facility in The nearby Techa river, on which several villages relied for water, was so contaminated that up to 65 per cent of locals were stricken with radiation sickness. Prevented from mentioning radiation in their diagnoses, doctors treating those who had fallen ill termed the sickness ‘special disease’. Even then, these notes were classified until The rural communities surrounding the nuclear facility suffered greatly from their government’s nuclear arms race with the U.

Eager to catch up with the technological development of Western weapons, the Mayak engineers didn’t worry too much about safety and the facility suffered several major accidents in the Fifties and Sixties. This map shows the location of Lake Karachay and the surrounding Chelyabinsk region, which is still badly contaminated by nuclear waste By the mid-Fifties they decided, belatedly, to cease dumping nuclear waste into nearby lakes and rivers, instead pumping it into a row of vats.

Then in September they exploded with a force equivalent to about 85 tons of TNT, spewing about 70 tons of radioactive waste a mile high. Chelyabinsk developed as armaments building region as Soviets move factories away from Nazi invasion to Liquid wastes from the Mayak nuclear complex were dumped into the Techa-Iset-Tobol river system

HD 106906 b

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News An Australian distiller has taken the concept of recycling to a whole new level by taking the spat-out wine at a wine tasting conference and turning it into a spirit aptly named Kissing a Stranger. Peter Bignell, of Tasmanian Belgrove Distillery, was first struck by the idea at the Rootstock festival in Sydney, a gathering of winemakers from all over the world promoting sustainable practices in the winemaking industry.

He was in a group tasting wines, and as per tradition in wine-tasting, the majority of it was spat out in a bucket. This practice enables tasters to experience a lot of different wines while avoiding drunkenness. Bignell, however, saw it as wasteful. At one point she became worried that despite all her sacrifices, her children would fail to look after her in her old age, so she decided to get some insurance.

They both did, but one of them failed to honor the deal, so the mother took him to court. Foods Fruit farmers in Okayama, Japan, have managed to make peeling a banana optional by developing a special variety with edible skin. They froze banana saplings to degrees Celsius, planting them again as they began to thaw. While tropical varieties of banana require two years to grow large enough for consumption, the Mongee banana needs just four months.

Art Most people throw away torn gift wrap as soon as they open their Christmas presents, but not Olivia Mears. The year-old costume designer from North Carolina uses the colorful junk to create Disney princess-like dresses. Mears is famous for turning unconventional materials into stunning outfits.

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Internet scammers arrested in Russia President Putin ordered to arrest Internet scam artists after receiving letter from Australian man Anna Lazareva, whose photos were used by the gang under dozens different aliases In May Terry, an Australian man scammed by a group of internet scammers, sent his story to Russian Bride Cyber Guide’s Black List.

We published his report. But unlike many other men, Terry not only sent a warning to others but wanted to do more and so continued tracking down the criminals determined to have them prosecuted. He launched a webpage with information on the scammers to collect reports from other victims. In the next step he found and contacted the Russian Embassy in Australia, numerous Russian based newspapers and then various Russian government agencies, including the much feared Russian Tax Police, sending them the scam details.

Later he found the official website for Russian government and used it to sent a letter to President Putin about these offenders, not expecting his complaint to ever reach the eyes of the President himself.

Description. обычный не манерный парень ищу актива с большим членом(люблю большой размер) для држбы регулярного секса в дальнейшем возможно совместное проживание(опыт есть). ищу актива от 35 лет.

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