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UCU Get Daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email If you’ve swung by Keele University recently, you may well have encountered picket lines and marches. Academics have been out demonstrating come rain, snow or shine, with some even dressing up as human traffic cones to direct cars arriving on campus. But the industrial action — taking place at 65 institutions nationwide — has a more serious side. But employers have maintained the changes are necessary to ensure the universities superannuation scheme USS remains financially sustainable. The USS has reportedly run up a multi-billion pound deficit. Read More Strike-hit students demand compensation for cancelled classes Union members have been staging 14 separate days of strike action over a four-week period. Now walkouts are likely to continue into the summer, hitting the exams season. Classes have been cancelled, students have been unable to contact their dissertation supervisors and other support has been curtailed.

Are university lecturers right to strike over pensions?

Share this article Share His thesis – which contained an example of male female matchmaking similar to Hall’s – was returned and marked as ‘offensive’, The Daily Telegraph reported. Mr Lynch, who founded UNSW student group Free Thinkers, said he was shocked when students were told the word marriage was offensive in a lecture.

English mathematician Philip Hall proved the theory in , and it uses the example of monogamous heterosexual couples in matchmaking with variable sets. Senior lecturer and UNSW academic advisor Dr Thomas Britz called the actions of the staff members involved ‘too forceful and inappropriate’. Dr Britz said he would speak to the staff involved, but called on students to be respectful of their peers.

English mathematician Philip Hall pictured proved the theory in , and it uses the example of monogamous heterosexual couples in matchmaking with variable sets Mr Lynch claims gay marriage was not mentioned during the lectures in question, but believes the divisive issue is behind the lecturers’ actions.

College dating is the set of behaviors and phenomena centered on the seeking out and the maintenance of romantic relationships in a university setting. It has unique properties that only occur, or occur most frequently, in a campus setting.

It was apparently an open secret in the department and beyond. He was their personal tutor, too. That means he was the primary reference writer once they graduated and started looking for jobs. If MeToo has taught us anything, it is this: As a young academic, I was repeatedly sexually harassed at conferences Read more As a recent article in The Conversation argued: The student was vulnerable because there was no guarantee that a reference from her ex-lover would be an objective one if he was disgruntled.

What if the student had mental health issues? Most UK universities take the middle road between prohibiting such relationships — as in the medical profession, where doctors are not allowed to have intimate relations with their patients — and the anything-goes option.

UTAS probe into lecturers throws students into chaos, as petition launched for end to saga

Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get politics updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Jeremy Corbyn has sent “solidarity and thanks” to university workers as members of the University and College Union begin a month of walkouts in the latest stage of a bitter dispute over pensions.

Members of the University and College Union UCU at 64 UK institutions are staging the first in a series of strikes after voting in favour of industrial action. In a video message, the Labour leader said his party was “deeply concerned” about proposed changes to the pensions scheme, as he urged employers to commit to negotiations.

UCLA is California’s largest university, with an enrollment of nearly 37, undergraduate and graduate students. The UCLA College of Letters and Science and the university’s 11 professional schools feature renowned faculty and offer more than degree programs and majors.

Darren Reid, a senior lecturer in history at Coventry University, told undergraduates that far from their comments being unidentifiable, he was easily able to tell who they were written by. However, some lecturers have complained that they tend to generate unfair, unconstructive and sometimes abusive comments that unduly affect careers. It marks a departure from current ranking systems, where universities are graded based on the quality of their research output.

More than half of the Russell Group institutions that entered also missed out on the top rating, while some of the more modern universities, many of whom received gold awards, hailed a “new order” in higher education. The TEF was introduced by the former universities minister Jo Johnson in amid Government concerns that universities were too focused on research at the expense of teaching.

A Coventry University spokesman said: As a university we support an approach to dialogue and discussion — whether anonymous or in an open forum — which is challenging and which offers students and staff alike an alternative perspective to consider.

‘Panic’ over sacked university lecturers

The deed of foundation given in the form of a Papal bull by Pope Pius II on November 12, , and the official opening ceremony was held on April 4, The faculty of arts served until as the foundation for the other three academic subjects. In the eighteenth century as Basel became more commercial, the university, one of the centers of learning in the Renaissance, slipped into insignificance.

Enrollment which had been over a thousand around , dropped to sixty in with eighteen professors.

Even with all the risks associated with dating a lecturer, students all over the world still find themselves doing it. Whether it’s the thrill, the money, the grades, or genuine love, relationships blossom between university students and their professors for many reasons.

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Messenger University-aged students in Australia are missing from the electoral roll in large numbers. This data on enrolment rates needs to be set alongside population data. Young people under-represented According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics ABS , in there were , more people aged over 70 than there were aged 24 and under. But AEC statistics from March reveal there are , more grey-haired voters over 70 than there are youthful voters under What these statistics show is that young people in Australia are disproportionally under-represented on the electoral roll.

Sex and the university Romantic attractions between teacher and student may be as old as pedagogy itself, but now such relationships cause people to worry about abuses of power and litigation. Only half of institutions have any guidelines on such relationships.

Conclusions and Recommendations 1. Introduction The value of university education transcends the transmission of factual material in the classroom. Knowledge is not the exclusive end of education, but a part of the process in which students learn more about society and self. University education to be truly beneficial to students implies effective mentoring beyond what goes on in the classrooms.

Lecturers not only pass onto their students the expertise they have acquired in their respective fields of learning, but also guide them directly and indirectly through the intricacies of the university system, lends moral support, and provide academic and career counselling. Formal student-lecturer interaction is therefore an important precursor for overall quality teaching and learning experience at the university.

Student-lecturer interaction occurs at various places including the classroom, the laboratory, and office.

Yale University Publications 2018–2019

Container Inventory The Records of the Woman’s College of Northwestern University span from to , with the bulk of the series dating from to The bulk of the collection consists of correspondence, but a scrapbook, reports, minutes, bulletins and circulars are also included. Arranged according to the administrative succession of the Woman’s College, Correspondence files span from to and comprise mainly incoming correspondence relating to College students, events, and facilities.

If university administrators and trustees hope to demonstrate that they take their fiduciary responsibilities toward students – and yes, faculty – seriously, they need to develop educational programs that inform both parties of the dangers of entering into intimate relationships with one another.

Manchester University Place building Image: More than 25 academics and staff have put their names to a letter outlining their concerns on the Student Union website. They say university staff are being expected to identify students who may have been radicalised and flag up potential terrorist activity. They fear it could set a precedent for the racial and religious profiling of Muslim students. The Prevent strategy was met with caution when first introduced at the university in Download our app for Apple and Android devices The letter in full “This statement outlines a number of reservations regarding the Prevent agenda that Higher Education providers, including the University of Manchester, now have a statutory duty to observe.

Prevent asks us, as University Staff, to identify potential radicalisation amongst students at the University see Paragraph 15 of the Prevent Duty Guidance. First, as lecturers, we are deeply concerned that our role as teachers is fundamentally compromised by the expectation that we also assume the role of the security authorities i. This extended remit sets a dangerous precedent in terms of what roles University lecturers, on the basis of their own private judgements, are expected to assume.

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The issues are really separate. There is no way to prevent them from dating directly. Even a letter or inform to the school administration will only result in a warning and the presumption that something unfair could be happening or happen down the line.

Matthew did not keep these liaisons secret because he didn’t have to. It seemed that the university was OK with him putting photographs of himself and scantily clad female students on Facebook.

Having been a university don, no one understands this better than him, but at the same time, to majority of us, he was stating the obvious. As a person who has been involved with teaching at the universities for close to five years now, I would like to share with the Minister and those concerned in the sector how in our own small ways we have contributed to the poor quality of education after being pushed so hard against the wall. With the coming in of parallel system of education in our higher institutions of learning, besides so many inadequacies, the teaching fraternity was not sufficient.

This forced universities to go and look for what is called part time lecturers or commonly known as moonlighters. This is how some of us got the opportunity to teach at the universities. Teaching at the University can be very prestigious, but being a part time lecturer, there is nothing to write home about. First, there is no dignity in recruitment process as a part timer. You just need to know a friend who can link you up with the persons in charge of the many campuses littered around the country.

Like in my case, I have taught many campuses where no one bothered to scrutinize my qualifications and competencies. If you are lucky you get your engagement letter when you are claiming your dues. They do this purposely so that they do not commit themselves in any legal way. I know of a case where someone with a first degree teaching Masters Students and up to this point in time several universities where he is teaching, have not been able to detect this.

Part-time lecturers are poorly remunerated and not on time. When you are not paid on time, it affects your plans as a person and you end up in a lot of borrowing to bridge the gap.

Uganda: Declare Love Affairs With Students, Makerere Tells Staff

The students names were changed to protect their identities. Chelsea, 21 Depression City University London I’m a proud person so thought I’d power through it however it’s gotten too much so I’ve made an appointment with my GP for next week. I haven’t been able to concentrate at all to do work, can’t even sit still and literally have to drag myself out of bed to do any university work.

I’m not even sure if my university has anything for people struggling with mental health since I’ve never seen such thing being advertised in any way and I’ve never sought it since I don’t like the idea of speaking to people about personal stuff. I assumed the move to university and change of environment instigated all my ailments, so I ended up missing the first two months of uni being bed ridden and in severe mental and physical pain.

I was already behind on assignments and work and struggled to catch up.

Jan 20,  · I’m at Warwick Uni and some of us have been susupicious that one of our international law lecturers has been dating a : Resolved.

Are you fussing your way out of a relationship? The University and College Lecturers’ Union clearly states: They might not be minors, but students are still in a semi-vulnerable stage. He noticed earlier this year that more and more lecturers were joining of their own accord, so now he is trying to get even more onto the site. It should empower the students to make their own choices. Any university policies that tell lecturers or students they cannot get involved with each other are out of date and unnecessary, he says.

Sex is just basic human instinct. Some [critics] say they might regret it but they might regret having sex with some random year-old in club.

Are Male Professors Obsessed With Female Students?