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In the last campground I had to use 20′ feet of sewer hose to reach the hook-up that was about 15′ away so the extra hose would “pop” out of our black expandable hose support and create a sort of P-trap on its own. Now I am using 10′ of hose to go 9′ so there is no real excess hose. Would it help or hurt anything to make a 3″ P-trap with plastic pipe and the bayonet fittings. It could be a hassle to disconnect, but we only do that a few times a year. I know I am pretty new at this stuff. But when I started, I had an older gentleman take me under his wing when it was apparent that I was not doing the right things with my holding tanks. He says to me “son, what ever you do don’t leave your drain valves open all the time. D Really, that is what he said: He also said “there are two reasons not to leave your other holding tanks open, one is critters: My reference to “critters” was in jest:

Hooking Up a P-Trap to a Sink

New kitchen sink is deeper – hooking up to drain pics Author: I have a new kitchen sink – it one of those double-bowls that’s part of my new Corian countertops – all one piece. The sink on the right is deeper than the one that was previously there. You can see the two drains in this pic:

How to Unclog a Slow Running Bathroom Sink Drain. In this Article: Article Summary Trying Natural Solvents Using a Plunger Snaking the Pipes Using a Wet and Dry Shop Vacuum Community Q&A Slow running or blocked bathroom sink drains are a common household issue often caused by hair or hygiene products that eventually build up and create a blockage.

Why does water run down a bathtub drain in a swirl? Often in sinks, toilets, bathtubs, etc. As the water drains, that slow rotation becomes more visible. In the case of a sink or bathtub, where the width of the pool decreases as it drains, the rotation increases speed as it drains. This is… because angular momentum is conserved think of a figure skater speeding up as she pulls her arms into her body — it is the same effect. In a draining tank, the water by the drain has the least momentum.

As it leaves, the remaining water with more momentum takes its place. If an object with angular momentum moves closer to the center of its rotation, it speeds up. So, the water gradually picks up speed, and you see rotation. This is called a “secondary flow”. To understand why secondary flows develop, you have to understand the nature of viscosity.

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In this article we will provide you with the steps necessary to complete this DIY project. Step 1 If you plan on also replacing the sink strainer body then you will need to take out the old one and clean the top, bottom and sides of the sink deck around the opening with mineral spirits. Once completed you can attache the drain tailpiece to the strainer body by hand tighting the tread.

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In the previous article , we had installed the supply stop valves, installed the faucet on the sink top, connected the supply hoses to the faucet, and glued the sink top to the vanity. The supply hoses were connected to the stop valves. There is just a little bit of slack in the supply hoses. Note the sink drain, at the top, and the drain pipe at the lower left.

These need to be connected. The sink drain parts. This assembly connects to the slip-joint adapter fitting that we earlier glued to the PVC drain pipe. An S-trap is used when the drain runs down through the floor. If the drain pipe runs horizontally into the wall, a P-trap is used.

One more step

The U-shape of this pipe is the trap that retains enough water to prevent sewer gases from entering the bathroom. You can adjust the P-trap, sliding it up and down on the pipe that leaves the sink drain. The other end of the P-trap can slide into and out of the fitting on the wall.

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How To Install a Dishwasher in an Island It is common today to install a dishwasher in an island located within the confines of a kitchen. Traditionally, dishwashers occupied a space in a set of cabinets that backed up against a wall, either exterior, or interior and adjacent to a kitchen sink. This allowed the builder or plumbing contractor to plumb the dishwasher drain into the kitchen sink waste and pick up the water supply for the dishwasher from a hot water stub-out in the kitchen sink cabinet.

In an island configuration, the dishwasher must have its own waste and water supply unless it sits adjacent to a utility or vegetable sink. Planning is the key to installing a dishwasher in an island. Preparation There are a couple different ways to plumb in a dishwasher in an island Refer to your building design. Cut in a specific wye fitting into a building drain or kitchen sink drain line in the crawlspace or basement. This wye fitting will serve as a vent for the appliance.

How to Use S-Traps or P-Traps in Plumbing

No P-Trap in the RV? Any idea what this was? I thought all sinks had to have a water lock to keep the holding tank fumes from getting inside the motorhome. I’ve mentioned this device in previous posts and they’re being found on more RVs directly from the factory. During manufacture, this maximizes the ceiling height in the shower area so there’s no need to have that bubble skylight in the roof any more since the pan can be installed directly on the floor with the drain plumbing below.

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The purpose of the P-trap is to allow water to flow down from the sink while preventing gases and foul odors from coming up through the sink. In addition, the P-trap catches items that may have been accidentally dropped down the drain of the sink. You don’t need any special tools or expertise to hook up a P-trap to your bathroom sink. Move the nut up the pipe. It looks somewhat like the letter “P” and it also requires replacement every so often.

If you are getting clogs in your sink that nothing seems to fix, then there is a good chance that the P-trap is clogged by years of hair and other materials that are not worth clearing out. A P-trap is inexpensive and easy to replace. Silicon will work as a glue, hardening fairly quickly after it is applied. Plumber’s Putty, as its name implies, has a much more malleable consistency and promises to never harden or crumble.

Sealing a Sink DrainWith a cultured marble bathroom sink, it’s best to use a silicon acrylic tub seal latex. Because of marble’s consistency, Plumber’s Putty will not create a proper seal between the sink and the drain. The silicon sealant will harden and create a watertight bond between the sink and the drain.

For bathtubs, the p-traps are used when there is no overflow hole between your drain and the faucet spout, and the installation of a p-trap is a means of correcting this problem. It is usually a two piece section of piping that curves under for the first section and then an elbow for the second section.

Shower drain hook up

My name is Joe Wise. I am owner of Built Wise Construction in Orlando, Florida, and today we are going to go over how to install a garbage disposal. Now we are going to hook up the waste pipes coming off the disposal. Now this is something that I usually get a lot of different types of pipe for, you look and see basically what you need, then buy couple of extras.

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Drain kits come in different materials and configurations, but installing them is a snap. You have a couple of choices for drain kits: Both work well and are about equally easy to use. The main factor on deciding which one to use is cosmetic — will the drain line be visible? The crosspiece that comes in the kit may or may not be long enough to make the connection between the disposer and other sink bowl drain pieces.

You have to check yours out to be sure. Assembling and connecting the drain kit is fairly simple. The pieces are easy to maneuver, so you can adjust them to fit almost any setup.

Bathroom sink, faucet and installation

Use PVC with compression fittings. It’s easier to align and less likely to leak, plus, it doesn’t have the odor of PVC cement. When checking for leaks, layout a piece of newspaper or paper towel on the floor of the cabinet.

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Posted on by joey Recently, my wife and I returned from a week long vacation. What is a P-Trap you say? See, when moist air hits something cold, the water condenses out of the air and collects on the cold surface. That is why in the summer, your car drips water. All air conditioners have a special drain for this condensation. What this means, is that the air is being sucked through the air conditioner instead of blown through, and so the inside of the air conditioner is at a lower pressure than the outside air.

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