Alexz Johnson Dissects Controversial ‘Instantaneous Star’ Sequence Finale, Reveals Revival Thought

Disney kids may recognize her from a Disney show- So Weird. Where as a young girl she played a character who dealt with strange almost supernatural occurrences. But when I hear her name a different show comes to mind- Instant Star. And Even when she went blonde, I still thought she was the coolest thing! I always wanted her star ring! The series starred Alexz Johnson as adolescent music competition winner Jude Harrison. The show became the second most popular program on The N with Degrassi: With the overnight fame and the recording contract came some tough decisions. Tommy was 22 and Jude turned 16 in Season 1 putting him about 6 years older than Jude.

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Maybe a coming of age story — a character that grows and builds like that, and comes from somewhere hard and can overcome something.

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How well do you know the show Instant Star? Think you can remember everything about the show? Test your knowledge here. $1 Take this quiz! In which episode did Jude get locked in a room with Tommy Q? Who did Sadie begin dating steadily? What did Tommy do as a surprise for Jude when they finally became a couple? What did Tommy have to do to get Judes catalog back?

Swoosh goes the cape DocstacheWynonnaEarp Chunk. Inquiring fans want to know: Tim Rozon Hey Tim! Thanks so much for taking time out of your day. I tagged him on Twitter yesterday in a photo. FTW Is this the Docstache!!

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Follow/Fav Alternate Realities. By: MuSiKaL JeAnIoUs. Instead you are the character you play on your hit TV show. How will Alexz Johnson and Tim Rozon tv’s Jude Harrison and Tom Quincy deal? Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Fantasy Can we get Alexz and Tim .

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Tim Rozon’s first major role was playing heartthrob, Tommy Quincy, opposite Alexz Johnson and Laura Vandervoort for four seasons on the teen drama series Instant Star for TeenNick and CTV.

Is Alexz Johnson dating anyone? April 7, by HitBerry Canadian musician and actress Alexz Johnson has mostly been in headlines for her music albums and love affairs. There were rumors that the Instant Star actress Johnson had an affair with her co-actor in the show Tom Rozon. However, their affair ended soon after the end of the show in It has been said that Voodoo singer, Johnson had been dating American musician and producer Jimmy Robbins back in However, it is said their relationship could not last longer.

The year-old actress has not been married and does not have a husband yet. It has been almost four years that there is no news of her dating any guy. Many have speculated that she might be a lesbian or bisexual because of her failed relationship with her boyfriends. Johnson has been professionally active since Over past 17 years, she has not only appeared in movies and TV shows but also sung several hit songs in her career. She began to pursue her acting career at the age of 11 although she always wanted to be a singer.

She had played the lead role of Annie Thelen in the Disney Channel series So Weird, in which she showed both her acting and musical talents.

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Tim Rozon and Alexz Johnson were in an on-screen matchup.. On Screen Matchups. Tim Rozon and Alexz Johnson were in Instant Star () together.. About. Tim Rozon is a 42 year old Canadian Actor. Born Timothy Rozon on 4th June, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, he is famous for Tommy Quincy on the CTV teen drama, Instant Star.

Tim Rozon on Feeling the Vibe Exclusive: Plus you can have the chance to see secret exclusives details below. We saw you were a recent correspondent for an entertainment news station in Canada. How did it feel being on the other side of the microphone this time? What are you usually found doing on the weekends? Watching movies on my couch and eating sushi.

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